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Custom FIT Services

Experience & Knowledge
We know the value of proper fit. We've done thousands of fittings for cyclists and can help you find the proper bike fit for your own individual needs.
Certified Professional Staff
Call for an appointment to get fitting advice from our staff's BG FIT and SICI trained and certified fitting professionals.
Clearwater Store: 727- 441-2444

Comfort, and Performance Begin With Fit

We know the value of proper fit.  It improves real people's lives.  We make the bike fit the body rather than conforming the cyclist to the bike.  Driven by our passion to make cycling fun, Chainwheel Drive sees bike fitting as a natural way to bring out a rider's potential.  We've done thousands of fittings in the past 15 years helping cyclists to reach their goals and enhance their enjoyment.  We subscribe to the most progressive schools of thought in bike fit.  Chainwheel Drive has been at the forefront of bike fitting for years and continues to strive for excellence while looking for the very best tools to help our customers.

Custom FIT System

We are proud to offer a complete bike fit system.  Many world class athletes from various disciplines of cycling have trusted their bikes and bodies to our custom fitting.  Our  system provides quantifiable benefits that even the most discerning bike rider can recognize.  When we have executed your proper bike fit, you will ride in comfort, climb, descend, and sprint from all bar positions allowing you to adapt to changes in terrain, cadence, and effort.  By examining and adjusting factors like weight distribution, leg extension, cleat positioning, and proper reach, we can greatly improve a rider's comfort and power on the bike.  So whether you want to ride in comfort or sprint for the county line, we can help you reach your goals. 

Great Fit Starts Here

We love helping our customers get the right fit.  And if you didn’t buy your bike from us, worry not.  We work with many cyclists who are having pain or numbness issues from an injury or pre-existing condition or a bike set up that is not working for them.  Through our custom fitting services, we can evaluate and make the necessary changes to eliminate discomfort and improve performance.  We look forward to seeing you.

Our fitters are school trained by the world renowned Specialized BG FIT School as well as being certified by Serotta Custom Fit.  We are proud to have pioneered fitting in the region and strive to keep learning and growing to better satisfy your needs.

Our bike fitting services include:


A cleat fitting involves proper placement and alignment.  This can be done on your bike or on our stationary bike.  You will learn how to use your pedals and practice getting in and out of them.  Through proper placement and alignment we can have you "dancing on the pedals."  Go ahead and enhance any cleat fitting by adding BG foot beds for improved biomechanics and comfort.


A truly custom fit that helps anyone ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort while greatly reducing the chance of injury.  This fitting entails a flexibility assessment, a dynamic saddle adjustment (height and fore/aft) as well as handlebar adjustment (height and reach), and cleat adjustment.


The highest level of custom fitting bike to body, 3D Advanced Fit results in maximum increases in speed, endurance, and comfort.  This fitting caters to not only elite riders, but anyone with pre-existing physical challenges or injuries, questions, or concerns.  3D covers all areas of 2D with a focus on detailed adjustments to hip, knee, and foot alignment.  Utilizing dual camera angle in a dynamic setup, the rider gets the opportunity to actively see the changes being made to improve posture, performance, and comfort.