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Garneau Tuscan Socks
Sweaty shoes from a hot ride? At least with Louis Garneau's Tuscan Socks you're toes will still feel fresh. Antibacterial, anti-odor Meryl Skinlife yarn wicks away moisture and a mesh knit increases ventilation. These durable socks feature a 6-inch cuff and an elastic band at the upper and under the foot. Add in a bit of Lycra fabric and you've got the optimal fit!
Garneau Low Versis Socks (3-pack)
The ventilated upper and cushioned sole make Louis Garneau's Low Versis Socks comfortable for all types of riding conditions. They feature 3-inch cuffs and an elastic band at the upper and under foot that creates an amazing fit. The CoolPlus fabric wicks, so you're feet will stay dry through tough workouts.
Garneau No Show Versis Socks 3-pack
The Versis No-Show socks tuck right under the top of your shoe to get the sockless look with the benefits of high-performance socks. They're made with a breathable mesh material containing 70% COOLPLUS polyester, 17% nylon, 10% polyester and 3% LYCRA fiber. That means they're super comfortable, provide just the right amount of support where you need it, and are moisture-wicking and quick-drying. The COOLPLUS polyester provides a cooling effect that keeps your feet comfortable in the hottest of conditions. Technical Details: - Yarns: 70% Coolplus, 17% nylon, 10% polyester, 3% LYCRA fiber - Yarns' Properties: Breathable mesh - Socks Construction : Stretch arch support: Improved fit - Durable, reinforced heel and toes - Cuff Height: LG Low: 2.75"/7 cm - Socks Features : No-show height with single tab
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