Specialized Vita - Women's

5.0 stars
 (7 Reviews)
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Speed, comfort and confident handling come together to make Specialized's Vita a carefree ride. It sports a light, women's-specific aluminum frame, a pavement-smoothing steel fork and efficient 700c wheels for easy pedaling on every road and path. Plus, Shimano's 24-speed drivetrain provides a wide range of gears for easy climbing, while the powerful linear-pull brakes control your speed on the fun back down. And thanks to the flat handlebars, women's seat and comfort-oriented riding position, you'll finish every ride wanting more.

Consumer Reviews

5.0 stars

(7 reviews)

71% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.


  • Lightweight  (5)
  • Durable  (4)
  • Stylish  (4)
  • Comfortable  (3)
  • Packs well  (2)
  • Smooth ride  (2)


  • Thin seat 
  • Heavy 
  • Tiny Saddle 
  • None 

Best Uses

  • Commuting/City  (4)
  • Comfort  (2)
  • Fitness  (2)
  • Bike rides 
  • Recreation 
  • Road 

Feb 23, 2016

Love my new bike!

Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable, Packs Well, Stylish
Best Uses:
Julio at the Champions store did an awesome job helping me select my first bike! I am able to pack this into my trunk in my Kia with back seats down. I plan to buy a hitch and rack for the car. It is easy to take apart and put together. It is easy to shift and learn how to ride. It is just a FUN BIKE! I love riding through the city and seeing the sites. I bought the purple - love the finish. It looks COOL! The only negative is that I do not think the seat will work. I plan to check into a new seat in the next couple of months. I also wish it had an easy release for the seat to adjust, but that isn't such a big deal.
by Karen from Cypress, TX

Apr 19, 2015

Awesome bike

Stylish, Lightweight, Packs Well, Comfortable
Best Uses:
Comfort, Bike Rides
Great workers, helped me find the perfect bike!
by Britt from Fond du Lac

Apr 08, 2015

Best Bike Ever

Stylish, Smooth Shifting, Good For Beginners, Lightweight, Enjoyable, Nimble, High quality, Comfortable, Durable, Smooth, Sporty, Good value
Thin Seat
Best Uses:
Road, Fitness, Recreation, Comfort, Transportation
This is a really great bike that I would highly recommend. I am a beginner to the fine sport of cycling. I wanted an activity that I could enjoy but also has fitness benefits. Cycling has been wonderful thus far. It also has the added benefit of offering transportation around the campus come Autumn. I started by reading all of the information my LBS' website had to offer and was immediately obsessed. Before this bike I had a Townie 21 speed since the 7th grade. It was a good comfort bike for around the neighborhood but was heavy and didn't have the sporty feel of the Vita. I went into my LBS and looked at several bikes including some Cannondales and Giants. This bike fit me the best of them all. I am a 5'4" young woman of exceedingly average dimensions. The stem of the bike was a little too short for me, but my LBS put a slightly longer one on for me. After that, this bike fit just perfectly. Don't buy a bike unless it feels like it is an extension of you made only for you! If this bike didn't fit me so well, I doubt I would still be riding. Whenever I drive anywhere in my car, all I can think of is how I should ride my bike there. The only negative thing I can say about this bike is that the seat can um, numb you after awhile. Perhaps this would improve with a pair of padded bike shorts. I plan to head to my LBS and get a pair soon. Overall, this bike is extremely stylish as well. I have the purple color. I love how it has the matte finish rather than the shine. It gives it an expensive and sleek look. I have found this bike to be lightweight, smooth, comfortable, stylish, and extremely enjoyable. To me, nothing beats the feeling of pedaling along as cars pass and laughing to myself about what they are missing. Since I'm a very new beginner, all I can say is that I am absolutely in love with this bike and it has enabled me to find a healthy passion, and let's face it, an obsession. If you're still reading, here's the bottom line: This is a great bike that you should seriously consider and is worth every cent two times over. I cannot give it higher reviews. Everytime I look at it, a smile comes to my face as I imagine the places we will go and the things we will see.
by Jess from Cedar Rapids, IA

Jun 11, 2014

Love it!

Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Road Biking
This is my first 'real' bike. Absolutely love it. I'm working on training to commute to work (46mi round trip) and it's been fantastic to train on.
by Saeriu from Mason City, IA

Sep 10, 2013

Wonderful (+ FUN) Bike for Commuting

Versatile, Lightweight, Quiet, Fast, Smooth ride, Smooth Gears
Tiny Saddle
Best Uses:
I recently bought this bike to begin commuting to work and school. My car is 10 years old now and has 150,000+ miles on it. I want to keep it for several more years and would like to slow the daily wear and milage it's racking up. This led me to my bike purchase. I test rode a few bikes and this one was by far the smoothest ride. (A Trek I test rode was VERY clunky when shifting, which I've heard from Trek owners is apparently common with that brand.) The gears on the Vita are quiet and easy. And it's light! Which is important, not only for speed but, because I'm a small woman at 5'6" and 115-lbs. I work in an old loft downtown and I can't manhandle a large bike up the flight of stairs but this bike is light enough I can pick it up with 1 hand and carry it straight up at my side. It does have a painfully tiny saddle for someone who lacks much natural, err, uh, "cushion" in their seat. But that is easily fixed by swapping out the saddle and wearing some good bike shorts. I'm having a lot of fun riding it and can't believe it took me so long to retire my car as a daily driver in favor of a good bike!
by biodobe from Springfield, MO

Aug 13, 2012

Very fun to ride. Great bike!

Stylish, Value, Stable, Versatile, Smooth ride, Durable
Best Uses:
Commuting/City, Fitness
I don't know what the other reviewer is talking about when he said this bike is cheaply made. I ride a 2010 Cannondale Caad 9 5, one of the last Caads that were handmade in America. I went to our LBS with my father to pick out a bike for him. Out of the entire shop, and it is a huge bike shop, me and my father agreed this was one of the sleekest looking. Of course, that is, excluding all the $6,000+ roadbikes. The components on this bike are exactly like other hybrids/comfort bikes in this price range. The other reviewer mentioned Trek 7.2 and Spesh Sirrus, well they pretty much have the same components. The components are mostly Shimano so they shift reasonably well. The V-Brakes are firm and well controlled - in fact, much better than the cheap Tektros on my Caad9 5. I do have two complaints about the groupo - 1) triple chain rings are kinda heavy and can never shift as smooth/accurate as a double compact. It is not the shifters or the derailleurs fault, and no amount of tuning at the LBS can fix that. 2) the crank arms are silver - against the rest of the bike which is all sleek black, this is an eye sore. I might replace the crank arms with something all black. So yeah, we really do enjoy the all black paint finish - it feels premium, like a higher end bike. All the other offerings in this price range are silver/metallic color with silly designs, and in turn look cheap. This bike is about 1/3 heavier than my Caad9 5 road bike, which is not bad at all. It is got a hi-ten steel front fork, no suspension. My father is so glad that I talked him out of getting a bike with front suspension - they are heavy, and don't work well anyway. For commuting/trail riding, the suspension is really going to nerf your each pedal stroke and slow your acceleration, and the comfort they provide is only slightly better than letting a bit of air out of your tires. Here is something you can't tell my father though - When he's not biking, I sneak out with this bike. It is such a joy to ride. Compared to my roadie, this bike is smooth, comfortable, feels very responsive in handling and accelerating. I can go almost as fast - about 1 to 2 miles per hour slower than on my roadie. I might get a bit more tired riding long distance, but I don't care because it is so much fun to just pound the pavement with this bike! If you are wondering about getting this bike, versus say, a $300 bike from Target, or spend a bit more into the $600 range, stop right there! $200-300 bikes may look almost as good as a $400-500 bike from a LBS, but you get much inferior components, usually where you can't see them - cheap brake pads, nuts and bolts that rust easily, etc. Plus you don't get the support that LBS offers. So your Target bike may ride so-so out of the store, 1 month later when things start to fall apart - wheels no longer true, brakes constantly rubbing against your wheels, derailleurs hold an adjustment for about 20 minutes, etc etc. And those $500-600 bikes? They have the same grade of frame as this bike. Maybe you get an Aluminum fork, but I'd prefer a steel one anyone because steel smoothes out road vibrations, and if I want to upgrade I'd just get a carbon fiber fork. Oh one last thing I wanted to add - the geometry of this bike is women specific, but my father and I both ride it fine. The wheel base is a bit longer than my 54CM caad9, but headset and seatpost locations are exactly the same. This means a more comfortable ride (where shorter wheel base gives quicker turns and accelerations and are more race-oriented), and even if you ride a 54CM roadbike you will be fine on this one (maybe a tad smaller but definitely rideable) Oh and one more thing, stock saddles usually suck. However I do find the women-specific saddle on the Vita quite pleasing. I alternate between this bike and my Caad9, and my buttocks appreciate the wider and shorter saddle shape (designed to suite a woman's wider pelvis anatomy, for giving birth and stuff). In all, the vita is an excellent value - fantastic looking/paintjob, everyday components that get the job done, fun to ride around. I hope this helped!
by Ranilus from Stow, OH

Jul 20, 2011

Not worth the price tag

Nice entry level bike
Best Uses:
I purchased this bike for my wife who is not an avid cyclist. I looked at several bikes including the Trek 7.2 but purchased the Vita because I have the 2011 Sirrus Sport and love it. Compared to my Sirrus the Vita feels cheap. If I had to do it again I would have spent the extra $50 and purchased the Trek 7.2.
by Specialized rider from Madison, Ohio


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