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Want to make your bike faster? Stronger? Few upgrades improve a bike more than a new wheelset which adds speed and durability.  We carry the best wheels offered from Zipp, Mavic, and SRAM.   We also rent wheels. 


Zipp 404

The versatile 404 wheelset has reigned supreme in World Ironman Championships, numerous Tour stage victories, and countless personal bests all over the world in every cycling discipline. 

The patent pending aerodynamically dimpled pattern is an extremely ruthless controller of air resistance that delivers an average gain of 1 to 4 watts of energy in very nearly all conditions and races. Triathlon, road racing, sprinting, time trials - you name it, 404 is the universal master that is Zipp's top performer and the choice of elite cyclists everywhere.

Available in clincher, tubular, cyclo-cross, track, PowerTap and Clydesdale versions. 

 Zipp 808

Unequivocally the most aerodynamic non-disc wheelset available anywhere in the world, and even faster than any three-spoke in all conditions, 808 aero wheel is lethal and legal - in all triathlon and road race applications. Peter Reid has scorched the Queen K with these beauties as David Zabriskie did in the Tour with the fastest Time Trial ever recorded. Thanks to a partially ovoid rim cross-section, and an 82mm rim patent pending dimpled surface with Zipp's exclusive aerodynamic shape, you'll be at the finish line before the wind even knows you're out there. Rapidly becoming the wheel of choice for time trialists, and triathletes worldwide.  

 Mavic's Crossmax SLR Wheelset is race-ready!

Zipp 900 Rear Disc 

The design team at Zipp has worked for two years to bring you the best combination of aerodynamics and riding comfort. The patented bulge rim shape maintains laminar airflow longer than all other industry shapes reducing wind resistance and decreasing the energy needed to attain and maintain the speeds you desire.

Now available at our stores in both clincher and tubular
  Zipp 1080's

People might be wondering if you've added a motor to your bike when you're out on course with Zipp's 1080 Wheelset. These personal record setters feature a 108mm-deep, dimpled, full-carbon rim for world-class aerodynamics at a weight that still lets you scorch uphill.

Reliable braking is provided by the silica ceramic rim coating, while Carbon Bridge technology provides extra impact resistance for mile-after-mile durability.

These top-notch rims are laced to Zipp's smooth-rolling 82/182 hubs for maximum speed sure to put you at the front of the pack.


Mavic's New Spoke

Mavic R-SYS Wheels

The revolutionary 3rd generation of wheels from Mavic features tubular carbon spokes working both in traction and in compression. Benefit: Lighter AND Stiffer

Stiff to transform all of your power into pure speed
-TracompTM technology prevents lost of tension on spokes to
  maintain high stiffness under high loads
-Maximized rear wheel dish increases lateral stiffness
-Carbon spokes don't stretch as much as steel or aluminum
  which limit wheel distortion

Light for instant acceleration  
-Carbon spokes are lighter than their allow counterpart
-Low stress wheels allows extra light rim extrusion
  and maximized ISM* to reduce inertia (*ISM: Inter
  Spoke Milling)
-Weight (ED10): 1355 grams per pair 
Mavic's Ksyrium SLs are light, swift and beautiful! Mavic's Ksyrium SL3

Mavic's Ksyrium SL's have seen everything from the cobbles of Paris Roubaix, to the summit of Ventoux. Mavic's machined Maxtal ISM rims, super-smooth QRM hubs and ultra-aero Zicral flat spokes make this one of the fastest, most aerodynamic wheelsets on the planet. Plus, Mavic's exclusive Isopulse lacing optimizes acceleration and power and provides unparalleled stability. And, not only are these wicked wheels super light and aero, they're stiff for rock-solid sprinting, climbing and cornering. No wonder so many pros win on them!

Call Chainwheel's Service Department for advice on upgrading your wheels.  Our skilled  and experienced service technicians can help you choose the best wheels for your bike!  

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