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We've Got Triathlon And Aero Gear!

Looking to save seconds, minutes or even the better part of an hour? We've got a wide selection of top aero and triathlon gear to let you almost stop time. Click on the titles below to learn more about all of these awesome wind-cheating upgrades!
We sell quality triathlon bikes from Specialized, Felt, QR, and Kuota.

  Skinsuits and Trisuits         
          Aero Helmets 
  Time Trial/Tri

Aero Bars and
Base Bars

          Aero Wheels 

Disc Wheels 


Aero Shoe
  Big Chainrings       

Time Trial/Tri Bike/Frames - The best way to save time through aerodynamics is to reduce your body's drag. And, there are few better ways to do that than to have a dedicated time trial or triathlon bike. These provide an ultra-aero and biomechanically ideal position and also allow you to train enough in that position to actually be efficient in it. Plus, you'll get a huge psychological boost every time you hop aboard your aero arrow and fly.

Aero Bars and Base Bars - Wind hits your bike and body in front first. Aero bars bring your arms and elbows closer together to present a narrow profile that slices through the wind, which is one of the best ways to shave time. Some elite time trialists are almost invisible when viewed from the front! Whether you want to add an aero bar to your regular ride or trick out your new machine with a dedicated base and aero bar set-up, we're sure we can save you significant time here.

Aero Helmets - What's the least expensive way to save time? It just might be an aerodynamic helmet. Recent studies have shown that these save more time in a 40k time trial than aero wheels, plus they now meet the same safety standards as regular models. So, accept that you'll look like Buck Rogers, and get ready to ride at near lightspeed with a super-slippery lid.

Aero Wheels - While these may not save as much time as a helmet, they are absolutely essential for anyone interested in free speed. The deep-dish rims on these wings for your bike cheat the wind, while the fewer spokes create a less speed-reducing vortex, or "dirty" air. Plus, these sweet hoops feature precision hubs with quality bearings for lower rolling resistance, too.  

Disc Wheels - Disc wheels have no spokes to create turbulence and are therefore incredibly fast over the majority of courses. We don't recommend a front disc because the crosswinds could wreak havoc with your steering ability, which gets dangerous. Rear discs offer the benefit of being partially shielded by your frame to keep the airflow past your bike as turbulence-free as possible. Discs look and sound great, too. 

Skinsuits and Trisuits - Your body is the most significant factor in generating wind turbulence, so it's important that everything you wear minimizes drag. Skinsuits and trisuits are shorts and jerseys in one so they offer a wrinkle-free and snug fit, which prevents the drag that many riders experience wearing regular loose shorts and jerseys. Plus, our skinsuits feature fabrics that help you slip through the air much like how a golf ball's dimples let it fly further. Trisuits offer similar fit, comfort and streamlining features with the added benefit of being cut for excellent function on the swim, bike and run, and also being designed to dry quickly to prevent chafing.

Aero Seatposts - Extend the aerodynamics of your frame with an aero seatpost. Depending on your frame we may be able to provide a teardrop-shaped post, a fairing for your current round post or a round post that slopes into a teardrop shape for less drag.

Aero Shoe Covers - When races are decided by fractions of a second, you need every advantage possible. Aero shoe covers add a touch of speed and look stunning as you rocket past competitors at 30+ mph.

Big Chainrings - Most chainrings are built for a wide variety of riding, but you're going only one speed in your next race against the clock: fast! A 54-, 55- or 56-tooth chainring could be just the advantage you need to pick up crucial time in your next race. Please keep in mind that not all bicycles are compatible with all chainring sizes. We're happy to advise.

Picking up just one of these items will help you go faster. Get all of them and we're sure you'll slice off a minute or two in timed races longer than 20 minutes. We look forward to helping you hit a new personal record!