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South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers (SWFBUD)




Chainwheel Drive has joined forces with several other bike shops in the Tampa Bay area to form the South West Florida Bicycle United Dealers (SWFBUD).  SWFBUD is now a group of ten concerned bicycle stores and three attorneys in the Tampa Bay area that advocate for bicyclists, promote cycling and act as a watchdog on behalf of bicyclists.  

SWFBUD's blog can be found at .
Check blog for updates on Flatwoods Park and Friendship Trail.



SWFBUD's Current Project (2010)
SWFBUD is partnering with local police to encourage local law enforcement agencies to deploy portable electronic message signs such as "Allow 3 Feet When Passing Bikes" and "Share the Road with Bicycles."  Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties have been active in displaying these messages at various locations.

(April 16, 2009)
Alan Snel, director of SWFBUD, is in Monterey, California the week of April 16 to accept the BRAINy Award, a national award given each year for bicycle advocacy.  Usually an individual bike shop wins the award, but this year SWFBUD, a coalition of Tampa Bay area bike shops has won the award.  Chainwheel Drive is proud to be among the founding bike shops of SWFBUD. 
SWFBUD's advocacy work at local government meetings and staging the Bicycle Bash by the Bay -- and pulling together bike stores to work for the common goal of growing bicycling in our market -- was so impressive that SWFBUD was chosen this year to win the BRAINy.  Read below about some of the activities we are involved in to advance cycling education and safety in our community. 

Bicycling Blog
Alan Snel, journalist, bicycle advocate, and coordinator of SWFBUD writes a blog detailing the advocacy projects of SFWBUD as well as his adventures in cycling around the Tampa Bay area.
Alan's blog can be found at .

Advocacy For Tampa Bay Community
SWFBUD's members are trying to make Tampa Bay communities more friendly and safe for bicycling.  Bicycling advocacy projects that we are currently working on include:

Bicycle Bash by the Bay at the Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg - Sunday, October 11, 2009
The Bicycle Bash by the Bay is a bicycle festival held by SWFBUD to promote and celebrate all types of bicycling in the Tampa Bay area.  It will be held again at Vinoy Park in St Petersburg.

Pinellas County Bike Lanes - The county's transportation department cleans debris and glass from north county bicycle lanes approximately every three to four weeks.  In between regular cleanings, the department is responsive to emergency situations in bike lanes that may be hazardous to bicyclists.

Weedon Drive Speed Bumps - 
Alan contacted Pinellas County and expressed our displeasure about three sets of humps that were installed last year on Weedon Drive, a road that's popular with St. Petersburg and Gandy Bridge bicyclists.

Bicyclist Access to the Selmon Expressway Upper Level - Alan contacted the Tampa Hillsborough County Expressway Authority about the prospect of bicyclists using the upper deck of the toll highway on weekends. A bicycle fundraiser was held on the upper deck last October and the views from a bicycle on the upper level are great.

Intersection Cleanup at Fowler Avenue/30th Street and Busch Blvd./30th Street - Alan contacted the DOT, Hillsborough County and the city of Tampa regarding dangerous debris such as metal, dirt, sand, nails, glass, wood etc. at intersections that could cause cyclists to fall and be hit by cars. In response, the DOT has cleaned the Fowler Avenue/30th Street (Bruce B. Downs) intersection during this past week. As for the Busch Blvd/30th Street intersection, a city of Tampa stormwater employee said he plans to personally inspect the intersection to investigate who has jurisdiction on cleaning the island of sand and dirt between the right-turn lane and the straight-through lane. We will contact the city to make sure they follow through on cleaning up that intersection.

Join all of us in helping to make the Tampa Bay Area a more bicycle-friendly community!