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MS 150 Testimonials

Why Ride The MS150 With Team
Suncoast Cycling/Chainwheel Drive?

Here's what MS150 riders have to say---

There are many things which make the MS Bike Tours special to me, but two things which stand out in my mind are the wonderful people you meet on a bike, and the impression Team Suncoast seems to always make. Like the young man at the end of day one a few years ago, who cheerfully told anyone within earshot who would listen, "She saved my life today!" while pointing at me. All I did was stay with  him and encourage him in a headwind, but that meant the world to him. That's the effect Team Suncoast generally has on other riders. They admire our team spirit, our communication, and our willingness to help. Heading out of Orlando on day two that same year, we made a big splash at the front of the pack. It made me so proud as we were overtaking a group and I heard one of them say in a hushed, somewhat awestruck voice, "That's Suncoast Cycling Club. They're GOOD!"  - Ruth


The MS150 is a vacation on my bike that serves a great cause.  I’ve participated in countless non-profit rides and nothing comes close to the support offered by the MS150 Bike Tours.  MS150 fed us so well that I’ve gained weight after two days of riding! 

Over the past three years, the host hotel has offered great service. This year, the MS150 has secured a luxury hotel that will only make our experience more memorable. The first year I rode, a fellow Coastie told me that “This event is a ride to a poolside chaise lounge”. That’s exactly what it is, just like most people’s favorite vacation.  

To most riders the barrier to entry is not the miles involved but the fund-raising required. The first year, I simply wrote a check for the minimum amount. In the last two years, I stepped up my efforts, sent out an email blast and raised $1,500 and $1,700 respectively; it upgraded my vacation to first class with the extra love extended by the MS Society to VIBs (Very Important Bikers). 

Each year, I’m impressed with the fact that large companies such as FedEx, Bright House, and others motivate so many amateur riders to ride 150 miles but it hurts to know that having more than 400 talented riders in our club still doesn’t make us the largest group.   

I’d love to see more Coasties on the road with us this year. If you can’t make the ride, please consider contributing what you can to this great cause.  - Bob




What could be better than doing something for a good cause and having fun too! My first MS150 was a blast. Listen up! You don't have to be a great cyclist to do it. All levels are welcome and supported. My experience was terrific and it was easy to raise money for such a good cause. Come join the Suncoast Cycling Club and be a part of it!   - Karen

I first rode the MS150 in 1990.  I'd decided to get serious riding again and needed a challenge.  It was;  most of me felt great about finishing.  Some parts weren't so enthusiastic.  One important thing happened that year.  I learned about MS.  I decided then I would ride the MS 150 as long as I was able to, not only tochallenge myself, but also to use my love of cycling to bring awareness to the cause.  I've ridden many over the years.  Each one has its own memories.  I've ridden 150's from multiple points in Florida and every one has been of a high caliber.  Numerous and well stocked rest stops, great road support.  No matter how great the challenge, be it weather, road condtions or other, we always end up with fond memories of the event.  Consider joining our team.  You'll experience a great ride, make some new friends and bring home a sense of accomplishment for the challenge and the cause.  - Tim