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Fundraising 101


           Bike MS Fundraising 101

ake this your campaign  to help people living with MS and fund research.  The success you achieve will be from the efforts you employ.  If things do not turn out the way you plan – don’t get discouraged!  There are many ways to raise the funds to reach your goal.  We’re here to help - just ask!  

Make it a point to not let fundraising consume you.  It is a challenge but one that can be met!


In the words of our team captain, Tim Hunt, here are good fundraising strategies:

Get started on your fund raising as early as you can. The time to ask is now. It may seem a bit tougher this year to get the amount but it's never too early to start. Keep a positive attitude towards your ride and the cause. Positivity is infectious and can result in donations.

Tell your story of why you're riding. If it's a challenge for you to accomplish, if you have a family member of friend that has MS. The story makes the ask a bit easier. Tell the story and then give them the opportunity to help. Some will, some won't. But you'll never know until you tell your story and ask.

If you're on Facebook or another social network, use the fund raising link for your participant page. It's very easy to do and gives folks another spot to read your story. Send emails, or letters to friends or
businesses. Tell your story and ask. Thank them for their time and consideration no matter the result.

                                              More Great Fundraising Ideas


For all sorts of creative, simple fundraising ideas follow this link to the MS150 Home Page, then check the left side of the page for Fundraising 101.