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Bicycling Advocacy Groups

People for Bikes

People for Bikes

PeopleForBikes is the leading movement to improve bicycling in the U.S. By collaborating with millions of individual riders, businesses, community leaders, and elected officials, PeopleForBikes is uniting Americans to  boost bicycling on a national level for results that can be seen locally. We work to make bicycling better in America by:

  • Working with the federal government to maximize federal funding for bicycling
  • Awarding grants to help create more and better places to ride
  • Sponsoring programs to help cities and towns become more bicycle-friendly
  • Promoting bicycling to get more people riding
  • Cultivating cooperation throughout the bicycle industry




Florida Bicycle Association

We believe in the power of cycling to improve individual's lives as well as to make Tampa Bay and all of Florida an even better place to live.  We encourgage you to join Florida Bicycle Assocation and help us:

  • Create safe bike roues
  • Organize group rides for fun and fellowship
  • Encourage more children to ride bikes
  • Combat the obesity epidemic by encouraging people to ride their bikes
  • Reward communities and companies that support cycling

Bicycles improve the lives of individuals and entire communities.  Do your part:  Join Florida Bicycle Association.352.468.3430

Team in Training

Team In Training (TNT) is the world's largest endurance sports training program. The program provides training to run or walk a whole or half marathon or participate in a triathlon or century (100-mile) bike ride. Since TNT's inception, 360,000 participants have raise over $850 million.

By helping to raise funds for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma research and patient services, you'll receive:

  • coaching and training for a period of four to five months
  • travel to an exciting location for the event of your choice 
  • connection with an honored patient in your community
  • a supportive group of teammates


League of American Bicyclists

Create a bicycle-friendly America...
starting here in our own Tampa Bay area.  Way back in 1880, the League of American Wheelmen began advocating for the nation's first paved roads.  Today they are known as the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and LAB does the following:

  • Influence government at all levels to make bike riding easier and safer for everyone
  • Encourage communities to build safe paths and bike routes
  • Teach riders how to feel safe and have fun on their bikes
  • Encourage people to ride their bikes.  LAB sponsors National Bike Month, Bike-to-Work Week, and Bike-To-Work Day.