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Day 6

Day 6 Comfort Bicycles

Tired of sitting on a skinny seat while hunched over the handlebars?  Would you like to be able to easily reach the ground when you stop riding?  How about a contoured backrest to cradle your back and the ability to sit straight up so you can enjoy the scenery around you?  Day 6 bicycles are designed to be the MOST COMFORTABLE upright bicycle ever and their accessories will enhance them even more. 

Day 6 Models

Dream 8    

Day 6's most economical bicycle, Dream8 has one shifter and a rear derailleur for simplicity and it comes standard with every comfort feature and the acclaimed ergonomics of our higher priced bicycles.

This model comes in Dark Metallic Charcoal and with our Contour Seat.

Super comfortable, safe, and amazingly fun to ride, the Dream8 is a fantastic bicycle for flat to moderate hills and trails. This is our number one selling bike in Florida and Kansas and other flat areas. There is no better bicycle for hitting the trails!

Dream 24 

Our most popular bicycle, the Dream24 has 24 speeds and upgraded rims and tires to take you almost anywhere.This model comes in dark metallic blue and has the contour seat.

Before purchasing a comfort bike or recumbent, you gotta check out the Dream24! Its full size wheels, impressive cornering and braking, easy on and off, great visibility, and legendary comfort and ergonomics make this a great choice for commuting, errand running, fitness, or just leisurely rides on the local path.  Disc brakes can be added.


Big & Tall is a common term these days. Not so common is a bicycle that can comfortably carry that person.  Enter Samson.

All the legendary comfort and ergonomics of a Day 6 with the strength to carry riders up to 400 pounds due to a beefed up frame and upgraded components. You don't have to be oversized to appreciate the upgraded features on the Samson. Samsons can also be upgraded with electric motor systems.

This model comes in Champagne and has our comfortable and supportive Contour Seat.

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